Business Intelligence vs. Competitive Intelligence

Working together, both serve an important purpose in today’s ever-changing and increasingly competitive business environment In today’s fast-paced business world, the sheer number of terms (and their associated acronyms) is enough to baffle even the most seasoned professional. It doesn’t help that many terms that sound similar are used interchangeably, even when they refer to […]

IBM Releases New Watson Powered Medical EMR App

IBM announce last week, a new investment in specialty practice EMR provider, Modernizing Medicine to speed up the adoption of Watson cognitive computer in healthcare. The new app powered by Watson, schEMA, is designed to help dermatologists offer optimized treatment options. Using cognitive computing and natural language processing, schEMA comprehends published healthcare information, such as […]

New Study Shows How Quickly Big Data is Reshaping Entire Industries

A new study by CapGemini and EMC, Big & Fast Data: The Rise of Insight-Driven Business, is based on around 1,000 interviews with senior executives and decision-makers from across nine industries and 10 countries. The study’s methodology is based on a quantitative online survey and supplementary in-depth qualitative interviews providing insights into how senior executives […]

IBM and Twitter Change Business Decision Making Forever

Last week, IBM and Twitter announced a collection of industry-first cloud data services that will allow business professionals and developers to extract actionable business insights from Twitter data. Already there are over 100 early client engagements currently underway, making the IBM/Twitter extremely successful. IBM is helping business professionals separate signal from noise by enriching and […]

Sports Analytics Webinar March 16th

Couldn’t make our last webinar on Sports Analytics, Don’t worry, we have the rundown from it featured just below. Simulating this year’s NCAA tournament with @RISK Webinar Recap Looking for a new way to dominate your office pool? Join us and Palisade on March 16th @ 8A.M. PDT to get the latest in data and […]