Tricks with Graphs in Cognos 10

People love graphs. There’s something about a little wavy line trending upwards that everyone likes. Cognos graphs have plenty of options, most of which are covered by the various courses and help files. These tricks aren’t always covered by the courses. This won’t cover RAVE. I’m planning a big piece on RAVE later, so don’t […]

Resetting prompts to default values in Cognos

There are times when users may want to reset their prompt selections. If you have a dozen prompts, it can be a chore to manually reset each prompt control. With the new Prompt API in Cognos, resetting all the prompts, with a single click, is a very simple task. By looping through the results of […]

Animated checkbox searches in Cognos

One of the reasons for my slowdown in posts, is an increased workload. Fortunately, despite the occasionally bizarre requests I receive, sometimes I get one that is fun. The latest being my client wanted a multiselect autosuggest feature. Here’s an example of autosuggest features that can be done in Cognos. It works fine, but the […]

Searching through a checkbox in Cognos 10.2

Last month I published a blog post on How to Make Cycle Plots in Cognos 10. This post, I would like to show you searching through a checkbox in Cognos 10.2. There are times when end users make difficult demands. Case in point, a client needs a prompt based on a field containing nearly a […]

How to make cycle plots in Cognos 10

A cycle plot is an incredibly useful graph in Cognos 10. They allow us to see cyclical patterns in data. Our sales might be increasing overall, but reducing more and more in a specific month. By viewing the data in a standard line over year/month we wouldn’t be able to see that. This plot shows […]