Preparing for IBM Insight 2014 Conference

With only a week left until the premier business analytics and big data conference of the year – #IBMInsight,¬†previously known as IBM Information On Demand – it’s time to start preparing the for the four day (five days for IBM Business Partners) conference. The days are split up with general sessions in the mornings, followed […]

How to make cycle plots in Cognos 10

A cycle plot is an incredibly useful graph in Cognos 10. They allow us to see cyclical patterns in data. Our sales might be increasing overall, but reducing more and more in a specific month. By viewing the data in a standard line over year/month we wouldn’t be able to see that. This plot shows […]

IBM Information On Demand 2013 – Session Recap #ibmiod

I attended many sessions while at IBM’s Information On Demand conference last week in Las Vegas. Here is a recap of the sessions I attended and how many organizations are using big data and business analytics. The first example was the city Dublin trying to resolve traffic congestion. Using big data they can redirect, on […]

Animated Drop-Down Prompts in Cognos

There are times where dashboards have space constraints. Prompts, while essential to interactive applications, take a great deal of room. Usually the best way to handle this is to have all of the prompts on the side of the page. This, however, still leaves us with very little room for prompts. More than three or […]

IBM Cognos Insight Book by Sanjeev Datta – A Book Review

Business Analytics and Intelligence guru, and PerformanceG2 BI Practice Director, Sanjeev Datta, recently authored the very first Cognos Insight book entitled IBM Cognos Insight. This step-by-step, how to guide for installing and configuring IBM Cognos Insight for your organization’s needs provides details on how to build financial, marketing and sales workshops in the personal analytics […]