Balanced Scorecards

Strategy in Action

A balanced scorecard helps you align all parts of your organization around an agreed-upon strategy, measurable goals, and the operational requirements used to achieve them. Your company’s scorecard is based upon a shared system of metrics that provide a key to managing performance: a single version of “the truth”.

Scorecarding is a way to make your company’s strategy relevant and real to people across your organization. Through scorecarding, everyone in the company—at all levels and across all departments—has a clear understanding of how their decisions affect overall performance.

Scorecarding drives the responsibility for performance deep into the company – from the warehouse to the executive suite. And it provides the metrics and business intelligence capabilities needed to understand what’s driving that performance.

PerformanceG2 uses Balanced Scorecard software from Cognos—a world leader in corporate performance management technology. Cognos scorecarding is certified by the Balanced Scorecard Collaborative.

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