Business Intelligence Roadmap

Strategic design for better BI

The application of performance management enables an organization to better define, measure and monitor key metrics necessary to achieve measurable business objectives. BI focuses on the ability to provide meaningful, targeted information to the right people, at the right time, through the right medium.

Performance management and BI are compatible business tools, and when used together, create a broader initiative to achieve data goals and objectives.

How does an organization create a strategy to accomplish this? This is where a Business Intelligence Roadmap comes in – it combines performance management and BI objectives to yield the best possible outcomes from the information assets. This is accomplished by studying an organization’s business objectives and BI capabilities using a combination of in-house and proven industry techniques to define a realistic, actionable and meaningful road map.

PerformanceG2’s BI Roadmap solution is delivered by business and technical acumen-oriented consultants using a unique methodology to address key performance and technical questions about your organization, ultimately providing the necessary vision for future BI solution development, user expansion and system enhancements.

Our Roadmap Methodology includes:

  • Appraisal: assess business objectives, information usage and technologies used to support it
  • Definition: confirm business objectives, delivery and technology gaps for today and tomorrow
  • Design: BI strategic plan supporting business objectives and eliminating technology gaps
  • Implementation: define the architecture, people and process necessary to support the initiatives
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