Executive Dashboards

Information at your fingertips

In today’s fast moving marketplace, working smart means being smarter than the competition. Whether you are a CEO, VP of sales or a senior operations manager, that means having timely access to information—where, when and how you need it most.

Our executive dashboards provide you with an accessible, customized view of the metrics that matter most to you—all from the comfort of your desktop computer. Using easy-to-read charts and graphs, dashboards enable you to see your overnight performance, trends and exceptions, while providing day-over-day, month-over-month and even year-over-year results.

And these are not just static reports: dashboards enable you to drill down on any given metric to see the components that make up the numbers—from product type, region, sales office, salesperson and customer type. This provides you with unparalleled ability to drive to the root of performance on a daily basis—putting you in charge of your performance like never before.

And because our dashboards are based on the same rigorous reporting foundation created througout the organization, you can rapidly communicate these results to others—further reinforcing accountability at every level of the company.

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