Predictive Analytics

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PerformanceG2 specializes in helping organizations build decision-centric, action-oriented systems and processes using an approach of decision management, business rules and advanced predictive analytics technologies.

Our complete set of predictive analytics training, consulting and software solutions eases implementation and ensures long-term success.

Our Approach

PerformanceG2’s approach to predictive analytics is based on a few simple principles that were developed at Standford and Harvard in the 1960’s:

  • Gain clarity around your objectives, especially the tradeoffs you’re willing to make between those objectives
  • Develop a variety of creative strategies for achieving those objectives (as opposed to trying to find “the best” strategy right away)
  • Evaluate those strategies against how well they achieve your objectives, fully understanding the range of possible outcomes, which could result from each strategy
  • Use the insights you gain from these evaluations to create a better strategy than any of the evaluations you initially come up with

How you achieve these key approaches is not crucial – there are a variety of tools which can be used at each stage – but ultimately making a confident, strategic decision requires clearly understanding what you are trying to do, what your options are, and what the range of possible outcomes looks like for each approach.

When it comes to predictive analytics solutions, PerformanceG2 can help your organization:

  • Identify, evaluate and manage risk, uncertainty and opportunities
  • Align portfolio strategies with the overall business strategy
  • Balance multiple objectives
  • Maximize efficient use of resources (people, capital, materials, etc.)
  • Create and maintain competitive advantages
  • Focus and align efforts through communication of priorities
  • Establish an objective process for selection decisions
  • Maximize portfolio value

By leveraging our proven, scalable approach, PerformanceG2 works collaboratively with your organization to facilitate through complex decisions, providing insights and clarity that enable the development of wining strategies that reduce risk and uncertainty.

The “Flaw of Averages”

The Flaw of Average is statistical and technical concept created by strategist and author Sam Savage. Watch this one minute video to learn more about the Flaw of Averages and how your organization can overcome it:

Predictive Analytics for Credit Unions

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Meet our Data Scientist

PerformanceG2’s team of predictive analytics experts, led by data scientist Andrew Pulvermacher, has the knowledge needed when considering predictive analytics. Connect with Andrew today at to learn more about this new technology and the benefits for your organization.

PerformanceG2 Client Testimonial“Andrew’s ability to design and facilitate content within the context of our organization on statistical and technology training is truly remarkable! His positive, can-do attitude and enthusiasm for enlightening his constituency on the ‘Flaw of Averages’ is inspiring and relatable. I would highly recommend him as a technical trainer and statistical expert.”

Alissa Tambone
Senior Research Analyst
Madison College

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