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An integrated solution for data discovery and reporting A guided experience to access data and create dashboards and reports A consistent web-based experience on all devices, on and offline A proven governed platform for performance and scalability

Did you know that IBM Cognos Analytics:

  • Adds business value: IBM Cognos Analytics ROI was up to 218%, with a payback period in one year or less for all cases.
  • Infuses business intelligence throughout your organization: IBM Cognos Analytics delivers a personal approach to analytics by empowering business users to solve individual or workgroup challenges.
  • Maximizes insightful and prescriptive analytics value for the data-driven enterprise: IBM Cognos Analytics and IBM Watson Analytics provide powerful data discovery and predictive analytics.
  • Defines the new business intelligence, visual immediate and cognitive: To harness the wealth of information that big data represents, a new BI solution is required.

Learn how IBM Cognos Analytics helps you confidently monitor, explore and share insights from your data.

IBM Cognos Analytics E-Book

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