Cognos Analytics Landing

Cognos AnalyticsIBM Cognos Analytics is an enterprise BI platform for governed data discovery and managed reporting that automates the creation of reports and dashboards so users have the freedom to do it on their own.

Released on December 22, 2015, Cognos Analytics 11 brings a more user friendly unified interface, improved efficiency in all business intelligence needs, and a consistent user experience across mobile and web applications.

IBM has enabled users to re-use content created by others, all in a managed and trusted self-service environment. Whether that content is a report, dashboard, or data module, users no longer need to start from so they do not need to start from scratch. IBM has also made it easier for users to effectively tell stories with their data, share it with others, and make decisions faster.

New Features in Cognos Analytics Includes:

  • Comprehensive search capabilities – help you navigate and quickly access known content and discover new content
  • Ability to upload personal data – create reports from you own Excel files
  • Reference templates and styles – create consistent and professional reports
  • Customizable user interface – provides a consistent experience on the desktop, tablet, and smartphone
  • Custom display options – enhance developed reports and modify chart colors and filter content
  • Default visualization – best option automatically selected based on the types of data
  • Drag and drop functionality – drag data into an environment where the data can be automatically displayed

Are you looking to change how you engage with data, collaborate with colleagues and deliver mission-critical insights across the enterprise.

  • Take advantage of smarter self service
  • Make decisions with confidence
  • Transform your business with pervasive analytics


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