Financial Performance Management

Plan With Confidence

As a financial management professional, accuracy is your business.

Our financial management solutions—budgeting, planning, forecasting and consolidations—provide you with the ability to create a secure, scalable and distributed planning environment to build budgets and plans in real time, and then report them with confidence of knowing they are accurate.

PerformanceG2 uses planning technology provided by IBM Cognos – the world leader in corporate performance management solutions – including Cognos TM1, Cognos Planning and Cognos Controller. All of our financial management solutions enable you to drive participation deep into your organization, while communicating more effectively financial results and goals across the company.

  • Define your goals and communicate your strategy for achieving best-in-class status.
  • Replace rigid, annual budgeting with continuous planning—daily, weekly, or monthly.
  • Connect operations and finance through plans that maximize operational effectiveness and inform operational and financial plans.
  • Engage the organization by enabling users to enter data in their own business language instead of unfamiliar financial terms. That makes it easy to model key business drivers.
  • Gain greater flexibility by creating your own business rules and structures. Then modify your model as the organization evolves.

IBM Cognos TM1

Enterprise planning software that provides a complete, dynamic environment for developing timely, reliable and personalized forecasts and budgets.

IBM Cognos Disclosure Management

Financial reporting and process automation in a controlled, auditable environment.

IBM Cognos Controller

Complete, accurate and auditable financial consolidation.

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