Business Analytics for Government Organizations

What is business intelligence and analytics for government? It is a tool that transforms data into useful information to gain better insight and make better decisions within your state or local government organization.

PerformanceG2 has implemented business analytics solutions, training and software at multiple state and local government organizations across the nation.

Clark County Nevada Family Services Department worked with PerformanceG2 to implement a technology solution that allowed them to better understand its business, ultimately allowing them to re-coup over $40 million in funding and allow its staff to provide better services to families and children.

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Download these resources to learn more about the implementation of business analytics at Clark County Nevada:

“PerformanceG2’s implementation of a data warehouse and IBM Cognos business intelligence solution helped Clark County’s Department of Family Services gain better insight into case management, helping us re-coup over $40 million in funding. We highly recommend PerformanceG2 for government analytics solutions.” – Eboni Washington, Clark County Nevada

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