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How to limit email attachment size in Cognos

By John Cusack, Senior Consultant for PerformanceG2

Most mail servers have an email attachment size limit, and if a report is sent out that exceeds the limit, the mail server will refuse the email, resulting in the end user being unaware that the email was not received. The following diagnostic and solution is from the IBM Cognos Support Portal, and explains how to overcome this issue.

Email Size

In Cognos 8.4.1 FP2, an advanced parameter can be set to limit the email attachment size. If the limit is exceeded, the email is delivered with a txt document instead of the report output stating: CNC-SDS-0417 The attachment, ‘ < report name > ‘, in ‘ < output format > ‘ format, of size < X > MB was not delivered. It had to be removed in order to meet the maximum allowable size of < X > MB for all attachments in one email message.

Steps to set the mail attachment limit:

1. Under ‘Cognos Administration’, go to the ‘Configuration’ tab
2. Click on ‘Dispatchers and Services’
3. Click on the ‘Set Properties’ icon on the top toolbar. This will edit the top level configuration
4. Click on the ‘Settings’ tab
5. The first line will be ‘Environment / Advanced Settings / Edit’, click on ‘Edit’
6. Place in the following for ‘Parameter’: mail.attachment.limit
7. For the ‘Value’ field, enter a whole number which will be the size of MB. For example: 10
8. Click OK and OK again to save. Within 30 seconds, the setting will take affect.
Option: Ensure your DeliveryService Advanced Settings is set to ‘Acquired’, otherwise the top level configuration will not be picked up.

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