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Migrate Cognos Enterprise Planning to TM1 – The Time is Now

By Candace Taylor, Marketing Coordinator for PerformanceG2

For many years, Cognos Enterprise Planning has been made the market choice for budgeting and forecasting – providing users with a powerful alternative to spreadsheet-based financial modeling. However, the core of the EP application was built more than a decade ago, and lacks the scalability and flexibility necessary to deal effectively with the increasing volumes of financial data that are now common in most organizations. The result is that EP is often difficult to change and costly to manage.

Cognos TM1 is designed to fix many of the current EP challenges. The time is now to make your Cognos EP to TM1 conversion, and with IBM’s limited time offer of an EP license trade-in promotion, you can receive a TM1 Contributor license for every EP Contributor license you currently own, making the process easier and cost-efficient for your organization.

Convert Cognos EP to TM1 Today

Why convert to Cognos TM1? Here are just some reason why your organization should make the move:

  1. TM1 allows for a more scalable solution which provides for easier handling of increased volumes of data, unlike its predecessors
  2. TM1 functions in real-time, providing on-demand updates and forecasting capabilities
  3. TM1 incorporates the breadth of Cognos 8 Studios for optimal reporting capabilities
  4. TM1’s cutting edge financial analysis and reporting capabilities is backed by its powerful database engine that delivers comprehensive views of your organization’s financial picture
  5. Migrating Cognos EP to TM1 could never be easier and more cost-efficient with IBM’s limited time conversion offer

Read more about the TM1 Advantage, TM1’s new features and how you can start your EP to TM1 migration by downloading our EP to TM1 Fact Sheet. Learn more about how you can save and get started with your migration, also get all of your questions about the process answered – connect with one of our TM1 experts today by emailing us at info@performanceg2.com or call 877.742.4276.

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