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The value of upgrading to Cognos 10

IBM Cognos 10 is the first major BI release since Cognos 8 arrived on the market in 2005 and has been on the market now for close to two years. As many customers have experienced since upgrading, the product has entered into a state of stability. The state of stability will only improve as IBM continues to make improvements in subsequent fix packs and releases.

An upgrade to IBM Cognos 10 can occur at a low cost not only in terms of dollars, but also in terms of risk. The payoff of an upgrade is substantial as IBM Cognos 10 provides improved performance, an analytics appropriate charting engine, enhanced event management, heightened administrative capabilities, and the addition of LifeCycle Manager to lower upgrade risk. These features and many more are available to organizations presently leveraging Cognos. What does this mean? You can upgrade to IBM Cognos 10 with no additional licensing expense assuming you are current on support. For those worried about loss of functionality for the end-user, all Cognos 8 functionality remains intact in Cognos 10. The customer chooses when to upgrade licenses enabling the new user interfaces. An opportunity like this is unprecedented in the history of Cognos.

IBM Cognos 10 delivers new user interfaces, features, and functionality supporting an organization’s natural BI evolution from report management to decision support. The new user interfaces allow an organization to take full advantage of performance management and analytics opportunities. These new user interfaces include Business Insight (Interactive Dashboards), Business Insight Advanced (Integrated Self-Service BI), Collaboration, Event Management (My InBox), Real-Time Monitoring, and Business Statistics. Some of the new functionality available in Cognos 10 includes enhanced administration, improved performance, and new charting formats combined. These features when combined with a broader offering of user analytics capabilities result in the most robust highest performing enterprise BI offered.

For organizations concerned with the time, cost, and content quality associated with migrating between Cognos 8 and Cognos 10, Lifecycle manager is a no cost application providing a visual interface supporting a proven process to migrate content between versions. The application provides a method to determine the state of reporting content once upgraded to Cognos 10, without actually upgrading.

For an assessment of your current Cognos environment to better understand your preparedness to perform a Cognos 10 upgrade, connect with us at (877) 742.4276 or email us at info@performanceg2.com. The goal of the assessment is to analyze the existing Cognos 8 server environment and use the results as the key determinant for the Cognos 10 hardware the sizing. The recommended server topology will ensure a stable, reliable and high performing Cognos 10 BI experience for the existing and planned user community. Plus, visit our Cognos 10 Upgrade Methodology page to learn more about our approach to providing proven Cognos 10 professional upgrade services.

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