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IBM Planning Analytics, Are You Ready?

Is your company ready for the next leap in finance analytics? Get a research based assessment of your readiness to profit from your use of finance analytics with PerformanceG2, IBM, and Ventana Research’s self-assessment tool.

Check out how IBM Planning Analytics can change and positively impact your business before you take our free self-assessment with this short video.

The IBM planning solution enables organizations to collaborate on strategic plans and corporate budgets, perform sophisticated financial analysis and adapt to change quickly with frequent driver-based forecasts. Mobile and cloud deployment options help organizations engage all users with speed, regardless of location.

IBM Planning Analytics doesn’t simply automate your planning, budgeting and forecasting processes. It provides self-service analytics to all of your business users through an innovative planning work space that empowers business users to seek better business results. Planning Analytics delivers insights automatically from your data and helps you pull ahead of competitors and stay agile for the changes ahead.

  • Speed: Keep your spreadsheets, move to the cloud – You can keep using your Microsoft Excel expertise with our cloud-based solution. They complement each other.
  • Agility: Find the answers automatically from your data – Know, with confidence, what drives positive results in your business and express it in your plans, analyses and forecasts.
  • Foresight: Planning with analytics gives you a clear view of what’s ahead – Planning without analytics is planning without insight. Stop analyzing the wake behind you and see where you’re headed.

In eight multiple choice questions, you can gain a definitively clear view of how ready your organization is to use analytics in your planning and analysis, focus on the most important elements of the analytical process, and make decisions based on accurate data, shared easily across your team.


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