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IBM and Twitter Change Business Decision Making Forever

Last week, IBM and Twitter announced a collection of industry-first cloud data services that will allow business professionals and developers to extract actionable business insights from Twitter data. Already there are over 100 early client engagements currently underway, making the IBM/Twitter extremely successful.

IBM is helping business professionals separate signal from noise by enriching and analyzing Twitter data in combination with millions of data points from other streats of public and business data, including weather forecasts, sales information, and product inventory stats, to uncover correlations that can help drive more actionable insights.

The software is built on the Bluemix platform from IBM and the new analytics services on the cloud will help businesses and developers:

  • Merge sophisticated, predictive analytics with Twitter data using Watson Analytics to give business professionals the ability to immediately pull twitter data into any project in order to identify and explain hidden patterns and relationships
  • Create social data-enabled apps that mine enriched Twitter content and aggregated insights through IBM’s Insights for Twitter
  • More easily analyze Twitter data using select cluster configurations of Big Insights on Cloud pre-configured with access to Twitter content. Clients can also combine Twitter data with IBM’s Enterprise Hadoop-as-a-service offering, also available through Bluemix.

Head over to the IBM & Twitter section of IBM to take a closer look, and give us a call today to learn how this new tool can give your business the extra boost it needs.

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