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Sports Analytics Webinar March 16th

Couldn’t make our last webinar on Sports Analytics? Don’t worry, we have the rundown from it featured just below.

Simulating this year’s NCAA tournament with @RISK Webinar Recap

Looking for a new way to dominate your office pool? Join us and Palisade on March 16th @ 8A.M. PDT to get the latest in data and sports analytics driven tips to give you just the edge you need.

According to ESPN Magazine, the NCAA tournament is one of the most wagered-on events in sports. Veteran bookmakers estimate bets range from $12 billion to $26 billion (roughly the GDP of Honduras)

If you’re looking for that edge to improve your office pool odds, join this free live webcast for specifically focused on simulating this year’s NCAA tournament with @RISK. Using publicly available data, you’ll be able to tame March Madness by managing uncertainty. Our very own, Drew Pulvermacher will be presenting.

To register for this great free webinar, click HERE

Foundation concepts:

  • Dealing with Uncertainty
  • Compare Webinar estimates to those of ESPN and WSJ (if available during time of webinar)

* This webcast does not endorse gambling.

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Simulating NCAA tournament with @Risk hosted by Andrew Pulvermacher.

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