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Performance Monitoring with TM1, Performance Counters – Part 4

By Sanjeev Datta, Consultant for PerformanceG2

Last week, as part of my 4-part blog series,TM1 Top Utility. Today is the final chapter of my 4-part TM1 series and I will be reviewing performance counters.

Check back in next week where I will be starting another blog series on performance enhancements to TM1 environment.

Windows Performance Monitoring and “PerfMon”

The Windows Performance Monitoring tools is nothing but the task manager on a Windows System. There are 2 ways of monitoring the performance of the TM1 server: the Task Manager Process Tab and the PerfMon — another built-in TM1 Performance monitoring tool. This console tool provides a display of TM1 performance counters.

Windows Task Manager

Performance Tab


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