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Performance Monitoring with TM1, Top Utility – Part 3

By Sanjeev Datta, Consultant for PerformanceG2

Last week, as part of my 4-part blog series, I discussed monitoring server performance using control cubes. Today, I will be discussing TM1 Top utility.

TM1 Top

TM1 Top is a utility that allows dynamic monitoring of threads running in an instance of the TM1 server. This stand-alone utility runs within a console (command) window on a windows machine. It is designed to make a minimal demands on the TM1 server and the supporting network and system. The TM1 Top utility does not use any cube or dimension resource and it does not interact or use the data or meta data- hence no locks. This utility reports on the state of the server for monitoring TM1 utilization and acts as a great built in performance monitoring tools.

For more information about TM1 Top Utility, check out IBM’s TM1 information on-demand section, or email us at info@performanceg2.com

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